Plan your weekend, shop local

Auckland has a huge line up of markets per month. 


Collectively we are about encouraging people to shop local, by heading to the markets each month and spending their money in our communities.  


One of the ways we can do this is by making markets more accessible.   Letting the public know what is on in their community and letting them know what they can expect from the markets in their area.  A lot of people still have a misconception about what they can expect at a local market.


Our aim is to have a one-stop-shop for all things Auckland market related


We hope to have a comprehensive list of markets, both regular and annual events for customers and stallholders to draw from.


A list of market events on our event calendar on Facebook  - (we shout out these events at the beginning of the week of the events) 


Have an easily accessible list of organisers  


Have a database of stallholders.


  • Making it easier for markets to find relevant stallholders

  • The public can look us up by category and perhaps find you on-line to make their purchase

  • Customers can reference someone they saw at a recent market but lost their card


To list your market on our website:



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Fi Leaning 

Serial Entrepreneur, President of the abundance club, mother, wife, warrior, woman. 

I have had a vision for a very long time that the way forward is to work together, work collectively, work collaboratively.   Auckland Markets.co.nz is my way of helping all of Auckland's small business, makers, creators and artisans succeed and flourish. Fi 


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Event Listing

Market events listed on Facebook and shared the week of the market. 

Find Market organisers

Find out who to contact about possibly attending a particular market.


Advertise your stall or check out a range of Auckland stallholders