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Auckland are all about making it as easy as possible for people to shop local.


By having everything in one place there is no need for people to hunt through events pages to find out about their local markets, or potentially miss the date! Customers can have a great picture of what's on, plan the events they want to attend, arrange to meet friends, and make a day of it. 


Not only is it beneficial for the locals, but tour guides can easily find markets that offer NZ made goodies perfect for tourists. 


Foodie tours can find the best local produce to bring their clients to. 


Stallholders can discover market opportunities, easily find out what is on, where it is held, and who to contact. 


Customers can find Artisans and craftspeople and rediscover someone they saw at a recent market.


By encouraging people to "shop local" We keep the money in our communities while celebrating local talent, artisans & growers.


Auckland is the one-stop central hub for all things Auckland market related

Advertise in the category that best fits your products for around the price of a market stall for a 12 month listing.

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