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Craft markets are happening all over Auckland most weekends, in many suburbs both Saturday & Sundays, so what can you expect from a craft market these days?


People still expect craft markets to be granny knits and jars of jam topped with a piece of gingham fabric attached with string.  While these can still be found at some markets and fairs by and large the industry has changed. 


We all know someone who makes something cool, but they work a full time job, take care of their families and have this amazing skill that they work on in their spare time.   Or we know the small business owner who is trying to take their NZ made product to the world by advertising them on Facebook and instagram.  Craft markets provide a venue for these skills to be shown off and sold reaching a wider audience. 


Most craft markets are well run, well presented events.  Often you will find a food truck or two, and a coffee cart.  


What can craft markets do for you?  they provide an alternative to running to the mall, or red shed.   A place where you can pop into locally to buy something cool, interesting, different to what you can buy mass produced.   You know it will be well made, you know not everyone is going to have one the same making you the envy of all your friends, and you know with absolute certainty that you are directly supporting NewZealanders and their families, how freaking cool is that! 


Check out their online profiles for a peek at what to expect or better yet go and have a look.


Find a market near you through our Markets tab. 


How can you find a craft shopping event near you?  Check out  Auckland Markets event page

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